What Factors You Can And Can't Control For With Auto Insurance Premiums

1 July 2019
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Need to get auto insurance for your vehicle, but worried about the high premiums? If so, you should know that there are many factors that determine how much you pay. While you don't have control over some things, you can influence some other things. 

What You Can't Control

Some things are completely out of your control when it comes to factors that determine auto insurance premiums. For starters, your gender and age will play a role. While you may think that it is a bit unfair, it is based on statistics of who gets into accidents. The younger you are, the less total experience you have behind the wheel of a car. When it comes to gender, for people under 25 years old, females are more likely to get a slight discount compared to males. The difference evens out as you get over, but it can make it more costly to be a young driver as a male. 

Your total years of driving experience also matters. Don't assume that you can miss out on those early years of expensive car insurance by waiting to learn how to drive later in life. While it is assumed that a 16-year-old driver has practically no long-term experience driving, know that the age when first received your driver's license is tracked and considered. 

Insurance providers also look at your credit history. Someone that has poor credit means that they do not do a good job of managing their money, and the belief is that they will also be more likely to make bad decisions behind the wheel of a vehicle. 

What You Can Control

It's important that you do not have any gaps in your insurance coverage. Even if you are between vehicles and will not be driving, see if you can reduce your coverage to the bare minimum. Having a gap in coverage makes you seem like a higher risk, and that can have a long-term effect. 

The number of miles that you drive can also play a factor, with your daily commute to work being one of the ways you rack up those miles. While it can be difficult to move to a different home or change jobs, it is something that you could control if you want to. The type of car that you drive also impacts premiums, with an expensive car having a higher premium than an older car. 

With these things in mind, you'll have a better idea about what makes up your auto insurance premium.