Why It's A Good Idea To Take A Home Warranty When Purchasing A Home

25 September 2018
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Have you found a home that you're ready to make an offer on and the seller is offering to throw in a home warranty? If so, you should definitely take the seller up on the offer. A home warranty can be great for the following reasons.

Home Warranties Provide Protection

One of the concerns when moving into a home will be the state of the appliances. You are not completely sure how the previous owner took care of everything, and there is a chance that things could break soon after moving in. That is why a home warranty can provide some much-needed peace of mind. It's common for a home warranty to last for the first year that you own the home, and it will help you repair or replace major appliances that break during that time.

Home Warranties Provide Cheap Repairs

Be aware that using a home warranty will not be completely free. There is typically a very small fee that you pay for using the service, but it will cover all aspects of the repair, including replacement. This makes a home warranty affordable for you to make a claim, rather than fearful of a large deductible. It can also give you some time to build up some additional savings after buying a home, since you won't need to use a ton of your savings to replace expensive appliances.

Home Warranties Use Qualified Service Providers

If you do need to make a claim with your home warranty, know that you do not have to spend hours hunting for a professional to help you. Your warranty will have a list of prescreened and qualified technicians that will help make the repair for you. All you need to do is simply pick one from the list and schedule an appointment. This takes all the guesswork that comes with finding professional help.

Home Warranties List What They Cover

There shouldn't be any guessing when it comes to what your home warranty will cover. It should list the specific appliances in your home, so you know before you take the warranty that certain appliances can be repaired or replaced. For instance, if you are concerned about the air conditioner working due to not being able to test it during a winter purchase, you will know in advance that the air conditioner is covered when you start it up for the first time in the summer.

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